Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Nature of Progressive Insensitivity

Why do so many famous social-justice crusaders turn out to be racist and sexist?

By May 15, 2018

Former vice president Joe Biden is back in the news yet again. For a second time, he seems surprised that poor residents of the inner city are capable of doing sophisticated jobs: We don’t think ordinary people can do things like program, code. It’s not rocket science, guys. So, we went and we hired some folks to go into the neighborhoods and pick 58 women, as it turns out, from the hood, for a 17-week program, if my memory serves me correctly, to learn how to code.

In 2014 Biden had said about the same thing about women from the “hood”: They asked me to come by this program they had at a community college in the inner city in Detroit. And I walked in and — I think it was a 15-week program — and it was a group of women from the neighborhood. Or, from “the hood.” What was the point of emphasizing “hood” instead of just “neighborhood”? ..........To Read More....

My Take - As you read this you could easily say what they said isn't that big a deal - stupid maybe - but no big deal.  Well, if a conservative said these things it would be news headlines 24/7.  Just look at the comment about John McCain by a White House staffer in private meeting.  This was supposed to be private, and what happens, it become leaked by another White House staffer and becomes 24/7 news with prominent Republicans coming out declaring their shock and outrage and demanding an apology. 

The fact of the matter is no one owes McCain or anyone else an apology for what was said because it was simply stating political reality.  What should happen is every staffer in that meeting should be given a polygraph to find out who leaked this information and then fire them......publicly!  If anyone owes an apology to anyone it's John McCain to the American people for his despicable behavior all his years in the Senate.  A man who has back stabbed everyone for all these years in politics has now all of a sudden become untouchable because he's dying - all the while sticking knives in as many people as he can before he dies. 

No....the only apology due is from John McCain. 

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