Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Decline and Fall of the American Teachers Unions

Arthur Schaper May 06, 2018

When I started out in education, the teachers union reps would tell me, “We are here to protect you.” However, what I learned on the job—and after leaving the profession altogether—is that unions protect unions, not the individual workers, and definitely not the kids. In many states, first-year teachers pay the union dues, even if they do not formally join the union, but get no protection.

The classic phrase among veteran teachers is “you can be fired for the cut of your hair.” As for the core interests of these public sector legal mobs, teachers’ union strikes have erupted all over the country, disrupting education for their students, betraying a sinister political agenda to help Democrats going into Election 2018. In school districts across the country, rank politicization has become commonplace. For example, In Laguna Beach, CA, teachers allowed students to beat a Trump piñata. .........To Read More.....

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