Sunday, May 6, 2018

Obama Record of Lawlessness Continues with New Enablers

Bruce Bialosky May 06, 2018

One would have thought that once President Obama left office his charade of never doing anything illegal or having a smidgen of corruption would be exposed.  Yet nearly 18 months later, he has found new enablers to continue his destructive policies that have no basis in law.  This past week reiterated that situation.

As I have defined before, once Obama lost the majorities in the House and Senate in January 2011, he did not abandon his desire to fundamentally remake our country.  He just adopted a new strategy.

With the help of political appointees who were true believers and career employees that harbored similar attitudes, he enacted his new plan of attack.  Obama crafted executive actions that were clearly not within the law, but did it anyway. He then thumbed his nose at his opponents saying – come get me; I will use your money via the federal government to defend my lawless actions until a court overrules me........To Read More......

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