Monday, May 7, 2018

The Cuba Decide Plebiscite: To Be, or Not to Be Free!

After decades of freedom-less lives under totalitarian rule, the Cuba Decide Plebiscite is a citizen-led initiative fundamentally asking the Cuban people a rational judgment question: Do you want to be free? “Yes” or “No.” Who can possibly object to such a question? The answer should enlighten us all.

By José Azel l May 1, 2018

We take it for granted that all peoples aspire to be free, but the idea of individual freedoms is not universally accepted.  Believers of totalitarian and authoritarian regimes across the world hold that a dictatorial approach to governing is moral, just, and necessary...........This is why I find the Cuba Decide Plebiscite project, spearheaded by Rosa María Payá Acevedo such a refreshing proposition after nearly six decades of Castro rule in Cuba. Rosa María is the youthful, highly articulate, daughter of slain Cuban democracy activist Oswaldo Payá, recipient of the European Parliament’s prestigious Sakharov Prize and five-time nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize. Rosa María, as president of the Latin American Youth Network for Democracy, is continuing her father’s work to foster democracy on that tragic Island.

The Cuba Decide Plebiscite initiative proposes to answer by a direct “Yes” or “No” vote of the Cuban people one basic, but transcendental question:

Do you agree with the convening of free, fair, and pluralistic elections, by exercising freedom of speech; and organizing freely in political parties and social organizations with full plurality?........To Read More....

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