Friday, November 20, 2015

The Daily Signal

Maine Doubles Down on Welfare Reform Despite Media Backlash
Maine has slashed enrollment in the state’s food stamp program and significantly decreased the number of residents on Medicaid.  Mary Mayhew, commissioner of Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services, knows her politics aren’t always popular.  “I can’t stress enough what an attack campaign it has been from the media for four and a half years,” Mayhew said Thursday at an anti-poverty forum in Washington, D.C., hosted by The Heritage Foundation. Then there are the more personalized critiques: “There is a poet, or he calls himself a poet, and he sends me poems all the time,” she added. “They are not nice poems. Mayhew claims that detractors—who mostly take issue with welfare reforms enacted by Gov. Paul LePage, a Republican, since his election in 2011—have gone so far as to call her “Commissioner Evil,” and her and LePage’s policies a “War on the Poor.”......

Mayhew says the decline is due to eliminating the waiver of the work requirement previously attached to food stamps, as also witnessed in Kansas. Under the new legislation, recipients would need to work 20 hours per week, volunteer for about an hour a day, or attend a class to receive food stamps past three months.  LePage and Mayhew have also rolled back Medicaid eligibility through a series of battles Mayhew called “fierce.”  With a population of roughly 1.3 million, Maine had 357,000 individuals receiving Medicaid benefits when LePage took office. Today, 287,000 people are on Medicaid, according to Mayhew.......

Republicans were boosted by the support of 47 Democrats, who provided enough votes to override a promised veto by President Obama.

After discovering "alarming" instances of billing inconsistencies, Gov. Mary Fallin ordered health care officials to block all state funding for the two Planned Parenthood clinics located in Oklahoma.

The program, now wrongfully caught up in the debate over Syrian refugees, is a valuable tool for increasing U.S national security.

This City Claims It Needs to Seize People's Cars Because of Drunk Driving. Why That's Wrong.
 Earlier this year, New Mexico abolished civil forfeiture, the tool that allows law enforcement agencies to seize property that they think has been used in, or is the result of, criminal activity.  Most thought the new law permanently ended the practice in New Mexico. Five months after New Mexico’s sweeping reforms went into effect, the city of Albuquerque continues to seize and seek forfeiture of vehicles – including those that, by the city’s own admission, belong to innocent third parties – in what is apparently a direct violation of state law. The city insists they need the practice to deter drunk driving, however their claim appears to be unsubstantiated.......Following the reforms, which went into effect in July, New Mexico’s statutory code now plainly states that “only criminal forfeiture is allowed in this state.”......Albuquerque, it seems, did not get the message. Despite the new state law, the city continues to target vehicles for seizure and forfeiture if the driver of the car is arrested (but not necessarily convicted, as state law now requires) for driving while intoxicated.  Why Albuquerque Won’t Stop Seizing Property......

My Take - The real question should be - "why these public officials aren't being arrested?"

A Conservative Student's Take on the Recent College Protests
Can liberalism defend itself from its progeny?  This question is rarely considered by liberals themselves. But after seeing the disturbances on America’s campuses over the last couple of weeks, they would be well-advised to start.  Universities are supposed to be bastions of liberalism. Liberal administrators have insisted for decades that they know how to craft an environment free of hatred and bigotry.  Under their beneficent control, America’s campuses would nurture a belief in universal human dignity that undergirds the traditional liberal worldview. Multiculturalism and affirmative action were stepping stones aimed at vindicating the most important value of all: tolerance.  Of course, tolerance that proceeds in only one direction – “tolerance for me, but not for thee” – is the very definition of intolerance..........The drive to reduce "inequalities" in pursuit of "social justice" on campuses now takes precedence over every long-standing right cherished by liberals, most especially the freedom of speech.....

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