Monday, November 16, 2015

Dear white people: Your days are numbered

Jesse Lee Peterson urges U.S. and Europe to 'stop the madness'

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This has been a brutal couple of weeks for those with white skin.  It started with a three-ring circus at the University of Missouri, another landmark in the slow death of white America. And it drew to a close with the actual deaths of scores of French citizen.  The circus at the University of Missouri began after campus groups started protesting what they claimed was bad treatment of “minorities” on campus and an indifferent response to their complaints.  The black student-government president, Payton Head, whined on Facebook that someone called him the N-word from a passing pickup truck.....A graduate student, Jonathan Butler, went on a “hunger” strike, protesting “white privilege,” saying he wouldn’t eat until President Wolfe was replaced. It was later reported that his father, Eric L. Butler, is an executive at Union Pacific Railroad and made $8.4 million last year, with a net worth of $20 million. This is a spoiled child, pretending to make a stand for the “oppressed."  Then the football team threatened not to play. And the white coach, Gary Pinkel, went along with them. So President Wolfe did what all self-respecting white liberal males do – he caved, and resigned. Not surprisingly, a black man, Michael Middleton, was named the system’s interim president....Afrikan Black Coalition revealed two shocking goals: Stop white people and overturn the Constitution. They probably don’t realize this “white man’s Constitution” protects their right to protest. Their charming motto is “New Constitution or the Bullet.”.....To Read More.....

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