Monday, November 30, 2015

Note To My Readers

By Rich Kozlovich

The all time top ten countries to hit Paradigms and Demographics are: United States, Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine, China, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Canada, Ireland.

For the month of November the top ten countries are:  United States, Germany, Canada, France, Russia, Ireland, Australia, China, Portugal, Ukraine.
This week it was: United States, Germany, Australia, Ireland, France, Canada, Ukraine, Slovenia, Portugal and Bulgaria. Not much from Russia or China this week.
As I've said in the past - I generally have no clue why people around the world are hitting P&D, but I'm always appreciative.  Australia hasn't been big over the years, but for some reason they're surging this month, and today's stats have them second on the list.  Germany, France the Ukraine and Bulgaria have been the most consistent, with Ireland now entering the top ten consistently, and a number of countries will jump in and out of the top ten.  For whatever reason anyone shows interest in this blog - I wish to thank them.  Best wishes to all.

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