Monday, November 16, 2015

Hollande Is Not The Hammer of France!

By Rich Kozlovich

First we have French president, Francois Hollande, calling these monstrous attacks of innocent unarmed civilians an “act of war” and France will “lead a war” against these radicals “that is pitiless”. Does anyone really believe that?

Then yesterday I watched a woman who is a French Senator telling the world she hopes the French people don't over react to the latest massacre of French citizens by Muslim "radicals", because she passionately stated how most Muslims are fine people who just want to live their lives and take no part in this "radical" stuff and we all just get along fine.

I watched a number of news shows discussing this issue of "radical"Islam and how important it is to differentiate between "normal" Muslims, who are the true representatives of this "religion of peace" and "radical" Muslims who are not. Once again. The problem isn't radical Islam. It's Islam! Why is that so hard to get? This year France has been the brunt of a number of attacks, including the Charlie Hebdo incident with people marching through the streets – outraged at this attack on free speech – insisting this will not be allowed to occur ever again. Now we have this massive attack killing and harming hundreds and there's barely a hint of outrage among the French. And the little there was more like street entertainment singing songs, laughing, and taking a bunch of pictures of their “march”. West Point's cadet football team waved the French flag at their last game and demonstrated more concern than do the French. That was a wasted effort on the part of the cadets.

The French are immune to terrorism because their minds have been corrupted with leftism – political correctness, multiculturalism – a sure fire system for national suicide. Nothing has really changed. Muslims are still migrating into France because everyone – and I mean everyone on the talk shows this weekend keep dancing around reality. These people are not the radicals of this false religion – they're the apostles of it. Islam is the problem because it's not a religion. It's a political, criminal organization masquerading as a religion. An organization – no matter to which sect a Muslim belongs – that requires and commends violence and is central to Koranic teaching.

The French chant “love is stronger than hate”, and Muslims smile. It would appear the French are no longer taught history. Perhaps they should start with reading about Charles Martel (the Hammer of France) and the Battle of Tours, but that's not going to happen, and if they did read about it they would dismiss Martel as a racist xenophobe or some such other leftist mental clabber.

France is doomed! The EU is doomed and within five years there will be civil war all over Europe and when it's over – we won't recognize Europe. 

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