Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Green Apostacy

By Rich Kozlovich

Below is a well written article by Marita Noon entitled, Greens “smuggle” climate policy into the church to tip climate politics.This will be a shocker to most, but we shouldn't think of this as an action of the "green" movement.  Think of it as an action of the "left/green" movement, since the left infiltrated American churches in the late 1800's as part of what became the progressive movement's "progressive gospel".

European socialism is fundamentally atheistic going back to the French Revolution and this gave it very little traction in the United States 100 plus years ago.  So they called themselves "progressives", who later became "liberals" and have now once again metamorphosed into progressives.  Here's the kick in the pants.  The binding force for this movement in the late 1800's and early 1900's was religion, hence - the "progressive gospel". 

They viewed socialism as the practical application of Christian ethic with enormous influence on public policy until WWII.  After WWII the true socialists within that movement kicked the religionists to the curb and the binding force became "psychology", i.e., if you disagree with us you're insane.  Groups like the National Council of Churches (the NCC  spends over 19 million dollars a year on leftist programs) have been leftists for over 100 years, many of which were probably leftists before there were leftists.

After the fall of the Soviet Union Environmentalism became the cause célèbre of the world’s so-called progressives.  Environmentalism was now the only real force of influence that remains to them. Everything else they've promoted has proven to be abject failures, leaving  environmentalism as the spearpoint of worldwide socialism.  That's why the left has thrown everything they have into these insane global warming, climate change initiatives.

However, long before this many of the churches were already contaminated and apostate, and since they were tossed aside after WWII they view this as their last opportunity to become a player in the socialist movement once again and get into the good graces of their athiest masters.

They lost their minds, they lost their integrity and they lost their credibility over 100 years ago by embracing any and every leftist philosphical flavor of the day.   Views they embraced irrespective of what the Bible - the book that's supposed to be foundational to everything they believe, practice and preach - may say that's contrary to the moral relativism of the left. They're as corrupt as the rest of the left!  Is it any wonder people stopped going to church. Paraphrasing Ronald Reagan - They didn't leave the churches - the churches left them!

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