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John Kerry Is a Disgrace, by Charles C. W. Cooke 

Ladies and gentleman, your Secretary of State, Mr. John Kerry:

“In the last days, obviously, that has been particularly put to the test. There’s something different about what happened from Charlie Hebdo, and I think everybody would feel that. There was a sort of particularized focus and perhaps even a legitimacy in terms of – not a legitimacy, but a rationale that you could attach yourself to somehow and say, okay, they’re really angry because of this and that. This Friday was absolutely indiscriminate. It wasn’t to aggrieve one particular sense of wrong. It was to terrorize people. It was to attack everything that we do stand for. That’s not an exaggeration. It was to assault all sense of nationhood and nation-state and rule of law and decency, dignity, and just put fear into the community and say, “Here we are.” And for what? What’s the platform? What’s the grievance? That we’re not who they are? They kill people because of who they are and they kill people because of what they believe. And it’s indiscriminate.”

When I first saw the key line here — “there was a sort of particularized focus and perhaps even a legitimacy in terms of – not a legitimacy, but a rationale” — I thought that Kerry had likely been misquoted. Alas, he had not. In fact, his words are even worse in context……Despicable….

Senator and presidential candidate, Ted Cruz (R-TX) joined “the Great One” Mark Levin on his radio talk show earlier this week to discuss the wave of Muslim refugees that threaten to swamp the Western world. Cruz and Levin both point out that the rhetoric coming out of the Obama administration stands in stark contrast to what the intelligence community and homeland security are telling us. Cruz also mocks the President for daring to attack Republicans for wanting to protect the nation.

Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) went on MSNBC's Morning Joe to argue that if we do not accept the Muslim refugees we would simply be reinforcing ISIS' narrative about us.  Sadly, Ellison neglects to mention that it doesn't matter what we do ISIS and their supporters would continue to hate us and try to kill us. Margaret Carlson: Since the Paris attacks as you go about your business on the Hill and hear your colleagues saying we'll accept Christians possibly but not Muslims, what do you…..

House Passes Stricter Vetting for Syrian and Iraqi Refugees
Michael Ware
It is very unlikely that there would be any action on the Migration of Syrians and Iraqis to the United States which would have pleased everyone. There are those who wish to let everyone of them in, just simply using the current system. Then there are those who wish to bypass that process as an emergency measure. Then there are those who wish to shut off all access to the country, period. And, the House of Representatives has come very close to closing all access for Syrian and Iraqi refugees….

Mastermind of Paris Attacks Used Refugees to Enter France
, Michael Ware
It is hard not to rub this in the face of all those liberals who were so smug about the migrants. When you tell them that the crisis would be the perfect way for terrorists to infiltrate the EU, they would scoff and act like this could never happen. But, now that it has, one feels sick at the prospect of saying I told you so. I wanted to be wrong, but we have learned that I was not. Fox reports The suspected mastermind of last week's Paris massacre, and some of the other attackers, had exploited

In a 241-185 vote, the House passed a bill Thursday largely along party lines that would make major changes to the way the Federal Reserve operates in an attempt to create more transparency. The Fed Oversight Reform and Modernization Act, spearheaded by Michigan Republican Rep. Bill Huizenga, would lift restrictions placed on the Government Accountability Office, enabling the agency to audit the central bank and narrowing its ability to provide emergency bailouts. The legislation would....

Oklahoma Republican Gov. Mary Fallin ordered the Oklahoma Health Care Authority to terminate contracts with two Planned Parenthood affiliates Thursday, citing billing problems. Fallin said she made the decision because of problems with the two affiliates overcharging Oklahoma residents for services by 20 percent and 14 percent. She pointed out that there are about 120 other health care options for Oklahoma residents. “Terminating the contracts with the two Planned Parenthood affiliates….

An amazing video is making the rounds, just days after a series of devastating terrorist attacks in Paris and Beirut and some foiled attacks in Paris (again) and Germany. The video is of a Muslim man from Great Britain speaking to his fellow Muslim Brits and excoriating those who offer even tepid support of ISIS’ actions. The man’s central thesis seems to be “If you don’t like living in the West – Get the F*** Out!” The video offers an excellent, rational and logical argument. So….

Fox News’s the Kelly File welcomed a special guest to the show earlier this week when host Megyn Kelly interviewed a former member of Al Qaeda who became an important CIA double-agent about the recent terror attacks in Europe. Morten Storm was a Muslim jihadist who was an important member in the upper ranks of al Qaeda just a few short years ago. Storm eventually changed his allegiance and began working with the CIA against al Qaeda and was a very important asset for the agency in their work….

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell dropped a bombshell on Morning Joe Thursday when she explained to viewers that the reason the French were meeting with the Russians was because France believes that their allies at NATO will do nothing to help them find justice for the recent attacks on Paris. What does this say about the Obama administration and the effect their policies have had on our relationships with our allies? Joe Scarborough: There has been the feeling for many of the defense community that ……

Stop the UN Climate Treaty! Help Support Heartland’s Trip to COP-21 - One of the most important battles in the history of the global warming debate will be fought this December at a United Nations climate conference in Paris called COP-21. The Heartland Institute is working with other leading think tanks and advocacy groups to make sure our voice – the voice of sound science and economics, of energy consumers and taxpayers in America – is heard. Donate at Heartland’s Indiegogo crowd-funding site today to help support this vital mission......

Bill Nye the “science guy” is trying to bring an end to the global warming debate, not by introducing new data or responding to objections. Instead, during a recent interview, Nye said he seeks to end the debate by convincing people to ignore opposing voices and refuse all discussion of the matter. According to Nye, If you doubt any aspect of the theory that the use of fossil fuels will lead to catastrophic environmental impacts, you are not worth listening to….

Wildlife Is Thriving in Chernobyl Nuclear Zone, Tiffany Taylor, The Heartland
Good and surprising news: Many species in the Chernobyl nuclear exclusion zone have higher population numbers than before the nuclear accident, according to a new study published in Current Biology.  “Researchers have not found any mammal species adversely affected by nuclear radiation,” said Dan Simmons, vice president for policy at the Institute of Energy Research.

Greenpeace is a goliath in environmental circles. This often-controversial organization has more than three million members and offices in 40 countries. From nuclear energy to fishing regulations, Greenpeace fights on multiple fronts. Heartland’s Emily Zanotti and Ron Arnold document the organization’s history, funding, and controversies with a new profile posted at

Kyle Maicle, project manager for the Center for Constitutional Reform, joins Host Donald Kendal to discuss the progress of the various movements pushing for a constitutional convention to create a balanced budget amendment. Maichle describes the timeline of a potential convention and the obstacles that stand in the way. He also addresses the threat of a runaway convention that many critics tend to bring up.

Teacher Strike in East St. Louis, a ‘Charter-free Desert’, Timothy Benson, Heartland Research and Commentary
More than 6,000 students in East St. Louis, Illinois were forced out of the classroom for the entire month of October by a protracted strike by the East St. Louis Federation of Teachers.   Outside of one high school that enrolls roughly 100 students, East St. Louis is a charter-free desert, and the city is served by only two small K–8 parochial schools, one Catholic and one Lutheran. The lack of school choice means the teachers union strike led to almost every child in the city in grades K–8 staying home

New Obamacare Court Challenges Emerge, Justin Haskins, Consumer Power Report
While Obamacare exchange shoppers across the country lament the ever-increasing costs associated with President Barack Obama’s signature law, lawyers are preparing to head back to federal court once again to challenge various aspects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or the Obama administration’s implementation of it. 

US Senate Sends The World A Climate Message
Don’t Expect Any Money For Obama’s Climate Promises

 The US Senate is sending a clear message to the world’s climate delegates, who are busy prepping for the impending COP21 conference: This legislative body won’t ratify any kind of binding Global Climate Treaty (GCT), so don’t even try. It will not contribute government money to a global climate fund that’s meant to spend $100 billion annually on helping poorer countries mitigate and adapt to a changing climate. This sends yet another powerful message to climate delegates. Even if negotiators stay away from a binding treaty for fear of America’s lack of participation, they won’t be able to entice the developing world to stick to national emissions reductions plans if the carrot in all of this—the climate fund—isn’t being backed by the developed world. --The American Interest, 19 November 2015

Three US senators introduced a resolution Thursday stating their objection to the United Nations climate talks in Paris. “The international community needs to be aware that the U.S. Congress and the American people do not support President Obama’s international climate agenda,” Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), the chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, said in statement announcing the resolution. The resolution, from Inhofe and Sens. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) and Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), says the Senate believes any climate deal reached in Paris will have “no force or effect” in the U.S. unless lawmakers consider it first. --Timothy Cama and Devin Henry, The Hill, 19 November 2015

 India will not agree to any proposal at the climate change negotiations that will seek to restrict the use of coal as a source of energy in the near term, a key member of the country’s negotiating team said on Wednesday. “We cannot agree to any proposal that will restrict our ability to generate energy from coal or inhibit our efforts to ensure energy access to all our people in an accelerated manner,” Ajay Mathur, director general of Bureau of Energy Efficiency, told The Indian Express. “There is no looking away from it. Coal is going to remain India’s primary source of electricity generation for some time. We cannot agree to anything that restrains us from using coal,” he said. --Amitabh Sinha, The India Express, 19 November 2015

The French government has banned two planned marches on climate change, timed to coincide with the upcoming global climate talks, citing the recent terror attacks. Marches planned on November 29 and December 12 during the COP-21 international climate talks in Paris will not be authorised for security reasons, the French government says. --Reuters, 19 November 2015

A new coal-fired power plant has opened in Germany a day after an expert commission told the energy minister the country must triple its annual rate of decarbonization to meet its ambitious 2020 climate policy goals. On Thursday in the Hamburg suburb of Moorburg, Hamburg’s mayor Olaf Scholz, a leading figure in Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SPD), stood alongside Magnus Hall, president of Swedish energy utility Vattenfall, and pushed a big button. The button-pushing symbolized Vattenfall’s ceremonial opening of a 1,600 Megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant that had been under construction for eight years – despite heated opposition from Germany’s greens, who want the country to exit from coal altogether. --Deutsche Welle, 19 November 2015

A survey conducted in four countries has revealed that most young people lack awareness about the challenges posed by climate change. It added that those who knew about it showed a degree of scepticism about a solution. The report titled ‘Climate Action: Youth Voices’, which was released on Thursday, collates the views of about 1,000 people from 18 to 30 years of age in India, Vietnam, the United Kingdom and Italy. Ms. Tomar said that of the about 500 people surveyed in India, “around 75 per cent” lacked awareness about climate change. Prof Hibberd, head of Communications, Media and Culture at Stirling, added that with social media the level of awareness among the youth should have been greater. --The Hindu, 20 November 2015

 Pamela Geller in Breitbart News: DNC Makes George W. Bush Its New Hero to Deny Existence of ‘Radical Islam’ - American citizens are being murdered in cold blood, and the left is furiously mopping up the blood, in the hope that America won’t see it. How desperate the left has become in its maniacal and dangerous quest to divorce Islam from Islamic terror and the Islamic State — so wildly desperate that Democrats have now gotten behind the man they once hated with passion and venom, George W. Bush. Yes, George Bush is now their poster boy…..

ISIS issues rules for women jihadists — including when it’s ‘acceptable’ to detonate homicide bombs - ISIS indefatigably pursues its savagery, while the West denies it and explains it away. What will happen when women trained to hate and kill meet women who complain of “microaggressions”?

Anonymous Says ISIS Plans Attacks Against ‘Paris And The World’ Sunday - ISIS is busy plotting the deaths of more and more free people in the West, while Western leaders busy themselves with…making sure you don’t think ISIS is Islamic.

BREAKING: Dept. Of Homeland Security Does Not Know Where Syrian Refugee Is That Left Louisiana - “Then, the Louisiana State Police confirmed that the refugee was headed to Washington DC to resettle with family in the country’s capitol. Once in Washington DC, the refugee was apparently supposed to ‘check in’ with authorities there, according to state officials. However, Sen. David Vitter (R-LA), who has been on top of the issue ever since, said he spoke with the Department of Homeland Security today and they confirmed to him that they do not, in fact, know where the refugee is.”  This is unconscionable. He could be anywhere. Does the Capitol have to blow up before Obama administration officials wake up to this threat............

‘Nearly impossible’ to find jihadists among migrants, Greeks warn - That’s why they should not be brought in to Europe or the U.S. This is suicidal insanity….

72-Year-Old Woman Raped in Her Own Backyard by Muslim Refugee - A 72-year-old woman was raped in her own backyard in Traiskirchen, Austria. The suspect was arrested, and is a 17-year-old Afghan asylum seeker....

British Christian Brutally Beaten Outside Home By Muslim Neighbours Who Labelled Him a ‘Blasphemer’ - This is the new Britain. This is the path Britain has chosen. The UK Home Office banned me from the country for standing up against this Muslim brutality and thuggery — and they’ve ruthlessly moved against everyone who stands up against it. So now the Muslim thugs and jihad killers have the run of the place.  A British Christian man has been attacked on the streets of Bradford, England, by men wielding a pickaxe handle – because he converted from Islam to Christianity over a decade ago. The attack is the latest incident in a long campaign of violence.....

Brussels metro shut as Belgian capital put on maximum alert - And the jihad marches on — while Western elites argue in its defense. The Democrats are burying themselves on this.  A week after the Paris attacks carried out by Islamic State militants, of whom one suspect from Brussels is at large and said by authorities to be highly dangerous, the city was placed on the top level “four” in the government’s threat...

Organic Farmer Alleges in New Lawsuit 'Terrorizing Harassment' From Environmentalists, Kevin Mooney      

Virginia environmentalists and big landowners have made a concerted effort to interfere with the business activities of an organic farmer, claims a new lawsuit describing harassment that comes close to stalking......
Time for no-hope GOP candidates to drop out, By Washington Examiner
As Walker and other GOP candidates have, many should drop out rather than chase a run to the bitter end.....
It resonates with part of the constituency that wants immigration levels to remain the same, or go lower....
Reagan biographer Craig Shirley: O'Reilly's Killing Reagan is a 'pile of garbage' "It is mostly a tissue of canards, half-truths, rumor, innuendo, insinuations and downright lies."

Cruz calls EPA emissions plan ‘tyranny’, By Jon Cassidy  |  24 Comments
“The regulation is neither clean nor does it have anything to do with power, other than the Obama Administration’s power to ha ...

Claims against the city can often tip the public to problems or trends, but it is now more difficult to view them.

Under federal orders to fix its leaky sewer system, San Antonio is doubling down with a $3.4 billion pipeline that will pump up wa ...

West Virginia labor bosses aren't thrilled about the prospect of a right-to-work law that would stop them from taking mandatory un ...

Kennedy asked his close professional friend Lerner whether the information would be “something the IRS would be interested in lo ...

Less than 1 percent of all federal regulations are subject to an official cost-benefit analysis by the White House's Office of Man ...

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