Monday, April 21, 2014

Supreme Court to address whether campaign lies are a crime

By Sean Lengell, April 19, 2014-04-21

The Supreme Court is set to address whether the age-old act of political mudslinging and false accusations are a crime, with the fate -- or at least the tone -- of campaign attack ads at stake.  The case brings into conflict two deeply held constitutional values: the right of wide open and unlimited speech, particularly in a political realm, and the notion of protecting the truth — especially when a person's charter character is maligned.

The high court on Tuesday is scheduled to hear oral arguments for Susan B. Anthony List v. Driehaus, which centers on a dispute between former Rep. Steve Driehaus and the anti-abortion group, which waged an aggressive attack on the Ohio Democrat's failed re-election bid in 2010.  The group tried to post billboards in Driehaus' Cincinnati-area district accusing him of supporting "taxpayer-funded" abortions when he voted for President Obama's Affordable Care Act months earlier....To Read More.....

My Take - This should prove interesting. When we go back in history we find all mudslinging and derogatory remarks of today is kindergarten stuff when compared with the campaigns conducted by the early presidents, including Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson - especially Andrew Jackson.  This should prove interesting since it would appear that anyone voting for ObamaCare was automatically supporting public financed abortions -at least that's my understanding.  Since that seems to be factual, I’m not quite sure what this former Congressman’s complaint really is, except he isn’t a Congressman any longer….and it’s their fault.  Amazing!  A politician with hurt feelings. 

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