Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jenny We Hardly Knew Ye. Too bad it didn’t stay that way.

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It’s been a rough month for Jenny McCarthy. Following her backpedaling op-ed in the April 12th Chicago Sun-Times she has taken considerable heat for stating that she has never been anti-vaccine, as well as suggesting an alternative vaccination schedule based on her “feelings.”  We at ACSH approached this from a different angle in a Dispatch item last week, where we asked why should anyone care in the least what a former model has to say about immunology.

But in an op-ed column the April 21st New York Times entitled Autism and the Agitator, author Frank Bruni is, well, rather frank. And that’s putting it kindly. Bruni questions McCarthy’s claims that she was never anti-vaccine, and she has a lot of explaining to do if she wants to get out of this.

It is pretty clear where Bruni is going from his opening two sentences: “What do you call someone who sows misinformation, stokes fear, abets behavior that endangers people’s health, extracts enormous visibility from doing so and then says the equivalent of ‘Who? Me?’ I’m not aware of any common noun for a bad actor of this sort.
But there’s a proper noun: Jenny McCarthy.”....To Read More.....


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