Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Obama’s Malaysia Trip Includes Visit to a Mosque

April 22, 2014 By Patrick Goodenough

When President Obama becomes the first U.S. president to visit Malaysia in almost half a century, he will visit a prominent mosque on Sunday – but not a church, in a country where relations between the Muslim establishment and minority Christians have not always been smooth.

Also, Obama’s itinerary includes a meeting with “Malaysian civil society leaders,” but according to the White House he will not meet with Anwar Ibrahim, the veteran opposition leader who since the late 1990s has been embroiled in a legal battle with the government widely viewed as a politically motivated harassment campaign.....To Read More....
My Take - You know, I find this amazing. Another trip and another day not at the office! I remember when George Bush - who really wasn't the brightest pebble in the brook - went to his home in Texas the media excoriated him for daring to leave Washington while the nation was, according to them, on the verge of disaster. A president the media constantly claimed was dumb as dirt.  But, now we have a president who Presidential historian Michael Beschloss claims that Obama’s “IQ is off the charts and that he is the smartest president we have ever had”.  When asked what his IQ was he answered, “Uh. I would say it’s probably – he’s probably the smartest guy ever to become President.” 

So the left is outraged that a man they claimed was an idiot isn’t at the White House overseeing day to day operations of the government - this begs the question - why aren’t they frothing at the mouth at this president, who according the leftist sycophants say is beyond brilliant, is constantly gallivanting around the world at the taxpayer’s expense, and clearly not in at the White House overseeing day to day operations?
The other thing we should probably be thinking about are the IQ's of the media....and Michael Beschloss.  Perhaps ....since Obama won't release any of his records.....which the media demanded in detail of every aspect of Bush's life because the public has a 'right to know'.....just perhaps .......Obama is even dumber than dirt?   Just a thought!   

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