Wednesday, April 23, 2014

John Boehner's double-speak rattles House immigration foes

By Byron York | APRIL 21, 2014

When it comes to immigration, many Republican members of the House have long distrusted their leader, Speaker John Boehner. Now, things have gotten even worse.
Boehner has assured members who oppose comprehensive immigration reform that nothing will be done on the issue until the Obama administration "can be trusted to enforce our laws." Given the average GOP Congressman's view of Barack Obama, that means "never." That's certainly how many members interpreted the speaker's words.
But last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Boehner, while speaking to donors in Las Vegas recently, said he is "hell bent" on passing immigration reform "this year." A lot of Republicans concluded that when Boehner is speaking to jittery members, his message is: Relax, nothing's going to happen. When he's speaking to fat cats, the message is: We'll get it done. 

The report sparked an uproar…… the Speaker believes step-by-step reform is important, but it won't happen until the president builds trust and demonstrates a commitment to the rule of law."……The reassurance didn't reassure. …… "That's another one of those unguarded comments from Boehner -- every once in a while you get the truth out of him," said another House Republican, Rep. Steve King, who definitely did not wish to remain anonymous. "Every once in a while he slips up." ......To Read More.....

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