Monday, April 28, 2014

Liberals Understand The Constitution Like Justin Bieber Understands Particle Physics

Kurt Schlichter Apr 28, 2014

Based upon Justice Sotomayor’s bizarre dissenting opinion in the recent Michigan affirmative action case, it seems she believes that government decisions made on the basis of race, something the Constitution expressly bars, are mandatory…Years ago, the liberals came up with the Political Process Doctrine. It’s the idea that if some small element of a state or local government – like a city council or a university board – is implementing policies liberals like, the people can’t use the ballot box to change things back…….Liberals like to call the Constitution a “living document.” Oh, how many activists in robes cite that mind-bogglingly misguided metaphor as they turn a foundational document into a kind of political Mad Lib where they scribble nonsense into blanks that don’t exist?........The Constitution is designed not to change with the times, not to yield the ancient wisdom that flows through it to the faux-wisdom of the present. It is the foundation of our system, not something to be causally disregarded every time some politician who thinks he’s smarter than James Madison gets a bright idea.

Sotomayor just didn’t like that the Constitution allows people to vote to undo liberal failures, so she simply invented a prohibition on doing so. Under her “constitution,” you are allowed to vote for any policy she and her liberal pals approve of. You can just never vote against one because…well, pretty much just because she says so......To Read More.....

My Take - The writer goes on to say, "Rights aren’t a favor the government extends to us in its wise benevolence", and they're not supposed to be the lame opinion of a woman who arrogantly called herself a "wise Latina", who is clearly as dumb as dirt, which is why she was inaugurated into The Club For the Galacticly Stupid!

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