Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sonia Sotomayor Through the Looking Glass

In the justice’s upside-down world, prohibiting racial discrimination is racial discrimination.

By Rich Lowry

All you really need to know about Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor’s dissent in this week’s affirmative-action case is that Attorney General Eric Holder praised it as “courageous.”  There’s a strong presumption that whatever meets Holder’s approval will be insipid or politically stilted or both, and Sotomayor’s opinion doesn’t disappoint on either count.

In a 6–2 ruling, the Supreme Court upheld Michigan’s prohibition on racial discrimination in college admissions, adopted as an amendment to the state’s constitution by voter initiative in 2006. It is this anti-discrimination measure that Sotomayor endeavors, in a dissent joined by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, to deem discriminatory and unconstitutional.

She tackles this difficult and dubious task with gusto, even promoting a new euphemism: “race-sensitive admissions policies.” If Sotomayor’s phrase were applied more broadly, we would rewrite the history of Jim Crow to refer to “race-sensitive” water fountains and lunch counters……… According to Sotomayor, Michigan’s amendment changed “the rules in the middle of the game.” This is strange. As Antonin Scalia points out in his concurrence, amending the state constitution has long been part of the rules. Voters have done it 20 times since 1914.

Sotomayor further bizarrely maintains that the constitutional provision “draws a racial distinction.” By this logic, so does any law mandating equal treatment of people no matter what their race or ethnicity. For that matter, so does the 14th Amendment.….To Read More…..
My Take- It's interesting how ardent the left is for stare decisis, which is a legal principle where judges are to respect the precedents established by earlier decisions, and not "disturb the undisturbed." That is unless they’re doing the disturbing. All past decisions by the Warren court and the successor courts supporting these left wing policies overturned precedent after precedent.  But that was OK.

During her confirmation hearings she described herself as a "wise Latina". If she were a conservative the media would have excoriated her for being so arrogant. Well, it appears she doesn't have clue as to what wisdom really is.

Here is the real definition of wisdom. Wisdom is the application of knowledge and understanding. She clearly fails in both categories. She doesn't understand the Constitution and she clearly doesn’t understand the harm the left wing policies have wrought, but most importantly she completely fails the grasp these leftists ideologies are all unconstitutional. And that's her job!

One more thing! Here is the real definition of truth. Truth is the sublime application of history and reality. So Sotomayor not only fails as a legal professional, she fails as an honest observer of reality, past and present. And it would appear her 'wisdom' is self defining - if she likes something its wisdom - and if she doesn't - it isn't. For people like Sotomayor ideology overrides all else, including truth and law, and that apparently makes her a 'wise' Latina.

Through the Looking Glass is the perfect title for this article, as this was the title to the book that was the sequel to Alice’s Adventures n Wonderland, where in both books strange characters utter strange reasoning’s, and act in ways a stable society would consider insane. All exacerbated by irrational literary devices that bear no reflection to reality such as “frequent changes in time and spatial directions as a plot device, including time running backwards, and so on”.

However, she has earned a spot in the Club For the Galacticly Stupid, because her ‘wisdom’ is the wisdom of Wonderland.

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