Sunday, May 14, 2017

Anti-GMO and anti-vaccination campaigns – two faces of the same movement?

30 March 2016 Mark Lynas

Reading this piece in the Guardian – about the successful campaign by the pro-science community to get the Tribeca Film Festival to drop an anti-vaccine documentary directed by disgraced ‘MMR-autism’ doctor Andrew Wakefield – my interest was sparked by this paragraph towards the end: By Monday, conspiracy theorist websites were portraying the decision to pull Vaxxed as an act of censorship perpetuated by the “vaccine mafia”.

Wakefield and the film’s producer Del Bigtree put out a statement saying: “We have just witnessed yet another example of the power of corporate interests censoring free speech, art, and truth.” The link to ‘conspiracy theorist websites’ goes through to the infamous anti-GMO website NaturalNews, run by the self-styled ‘Health Ranger’ Mike Adams. (I declare an interest here: I was once accused by Adams, along with other pro-science communicators, of being a ‘Nazi Monsanto collaborator’ and targeted for assassination.)

It seems that NaturalNews is the standard bearer for Andrew Wakefield: it is now running banner ads for readers to get tickets to the rescheduled showing of ‘Vaxxed’ in a different theatre in New York under the heading ‘The Truth Cannot be Censored!’ This got me thinking of the expanding overlap between the anti-GMO and anti-vaccination movements. ..... To Read More....

My Take - Well, it would appear this greenie is slowing it comes.....oh, the horrors of it....... a conservative!  Well, you lefties who follow me - don't panic - he still has a long way to go.  But when he finally agrees Anthropogenic Global Warming is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated by science on humanity - he'll be there.  But there's the one big obstacle every leftie and greenie has to overcome to become sane.  They must come to realize leftism in all it's manifestations is irrational, misanthropic and morally defective.  That's a hard road for many to take, but that's the only reality that will allow them to recover their sanity. 

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