Thursday, May 18, 2017

Republicans Begin To Raise Specter of Impeachment in Washington

By Andrew West May 17, 2017

The #NeverTrump republicans are about to have a heyday in Washington D.C., as turncoat conservatives begin foaming at the mouth.

Donald Trump’s last few days in the capital have not been pretty, even by his own unconventional standards.  The President is facing a mounting backlash over his firing of FBI Director James Comey, with many democrats and anti-Trump republicans likening the entire situation to the obstruction of justice that led to the resignation of Richard Nixon.  Some, like republican Senator John McCain, are even mentioning the Watergate scandal by name, mincing no words in his insulting of the President.

Now, as democrats predictably began to conjure up fantasies of impeaching Donald Trump, a few congressional republicans have broken rank and retreated away from the Commander in Chief, including Michigan’s Justin Amash......To Read More.....

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