Thursday, May 18, 2017

Senator Explains that President Trump Did what He Should have Done in Meeting with Russians

By Onan Coca May 17, 2017

Senator James Risch (R-ID) is a qualified expert on foreign policy and national security, so his commentary on the recent hubub surrounding President Trump’s conversation with the Russians must surely have deflated some folks at CNN. In an interview that Risch gave to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer he outlined two seperate and important facts that the media has seemed happy to gloss over in their coverage of the events. First, whatever happened in the meeting with the Russians was completely legal and the President has the right to discuss confidential information with whomever he chooses. Second, the President did the right thing in revealing the information to the Russians because the information is likely to save lives.....To Read More..

My Take - We need to get this right.  The President can use intelligence as he sees fit.  It's not up to underlings to decide how intelligence is used or who it's shared with.  You may not like the way some president does it,  but that's his job!  Not ours, and certainly not the media's or the opposition party.

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