Thursday, May 18, 2017

More Washington Turncoats Outed By Leak-A-Palooza: Trump Paid By Putin?

Andrew West

If there is one thing we’ve learned about Washington D.C. in the past year, is that you simply can’t trust anyone. Sure, similar sentiments purporting that the Washington elite are nothing but a tangled mess of snakes in the grass have been around since the dawn of our democracy. Just because we’ve heard these accusations before doesn’t make them untrue, however......... Now, however, a much more petty, and telling package of data is hitting the streets of Washington D.C., threatening to expose congressional elitists’ oft-rumored duality of dialogue.  One such government ghoul, whose guile has now been brought to the surface, is current House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy......... [who claimed] “’There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump,’ ...... ‘Swear to God.’" .....To Read More.....

My Take - You've got to hand it to the Democrats - they at least know how to rule.  You may not like what they do when they rule, you may even hate what they do when they rule, but they at least know what they believe.  Socialism is the alter in which they worship.   Huge taxes, huge spending, reduced wealth for the wealthy - other than them - more people on government dole and less private ownership of ...... well......everything.  In short - they want  the state to be the god the masses worship.  They want to impose the Soviet Union with all it's failures on the United States, and they know how to remain true to this secular religion and true to their leaders. 

The Republicans were all 'conservatives' until they took control of everything - then they became chameleons.  Changing according to conditions.  There is one area in which they're solid.  They do know they want to avoid offending the left wing media in order to avoid being attacked for  principles in order to be re-elected over and over again.  But that's not a problem when "principles" are so flexible.   

If you would like some examples of "conservatives" with issues other than those mentioned here - take George Will, Charles Krauthammer, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Justin Amash, and that strange woman - Ann Coulter - and you will get the gist of what's wrong with many so-called "conservative Republicans".  They have do solid moral foundation for their beliefs.  It's conservatism by convenience.

I have to believe the mid-terms in 2018 are going to be far more heavily attended to that in any other mid-term election ever. 

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