Thursday, May 18, 2017

America's Betrayal by the Democratic Party

E. Jeffrey Ludwig

Are you aware that we are facing a political and cultural tragedy right now? The Democratic Party, one of two great parties of the USA, has been co-opted by the communist ideologues, the power-mad neo-Marxists, in our political establishment. They can call it liberalism or social justice or togetherness, but it is my considered judgment that, without exaggeration, we are facing an intent to subvert the electoral will of the American people.

Based only on "unnamed sources," the Washington Post, NY Times, and CNN have accused President Donald Trump of sharing top-secret information with Russian officials.  Imagine: this is "news" without any named source, without even a whistleblower ready to risk his job for the country. 

This is a mainstream media cause célèbre, even though CNN wrote online, " "The President did not directly reveal the source of the information, but intelligence officials told CNN that there is concern that Russia will be able to figure out the highly sensitive source." Without accountability, and only the most limited information, the left-wing press is lambasting Trump. This trash is being published as "news" – i.e., as if it were fact.

And this is being done with the tacit approval of the Democratic Party leadership. This is all part of the Democrat narrative that Trump is a Russian mole occupying the Oval Office. How did we get to this point, where the hissing vipers have come out from under their rocks to poison the body politic............ More

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