Friday, May 19, 2017

The Left Needs Operation Trump-Russia

John Steinreich

Without hard evidence to support it, the accusation that Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with nefarious Kremlinites to win the 2016 election is gaining momentum at an unnervingly fast pace. This fact-free story has now led to the Deputy Attorney General’s appointment of a Special Counselor to investigate it.

What use is such special counsel when the theory of an electoral love connection between Messrs. Trump and Putin has been repeatedly debunked? For an operation of this nature to successfully throw the election to Trump, he and Vlad would have specifically needed to target the swing states (Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida) and the “blue wall” of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania -- those three being exceptionally difficult to alter, all having gone Democratic for President since 1992.

Then, the colluders would have needed to influence the ballot toward Trump in potentially thousands of voting districts in multiple states in order to shift sufficient numbers away from Hillary. Hacking and publishing John Podesta’s electronic correspondence in order to demonstrate the Democratic Party’s low opinion of minorities, Catholics, and Bernie Sanders seems hardly a great way of motivating unemployed Rust Belt workers or transplanted, Northeastern retirees in Boca Raton to rush out to the polls to vote solidly GOP. .............. More


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