Friday, May 19, 2017

Geraldo Rivera Slams Anti-Trump Media

By Onan Coca May 18, 2017

Geraldo Rivera unleashed a Twitter tirade like no other on earlier this week as he took the anti-Trump media to task for their dangerous assault on the Trump administration. Geraldo, who is no conservative, pointed out that many of the attacks on Trump have been ridiculous and that the media laser-focus on his every move has only made their “derangement syndrome” worse. Read on and enjoy – there is some very good stuff in here.

My Take - Amazing! Even a blind monkey can find a coconut once in a while - but Geraldo finding truth?  Now that's amazing!

Make no mistake about this - the media trash is deliberately twisting reality to frame the narrative in the favor of the left, where lying, cheating and corruption are such a normal part of the leftist package they don't even have an inkling of a thought that it might be wrong.  How soon will they start going out of business?  Not soon enough. 

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