Friday, May 19, 2017

Is Susan Rice Hunting for an Immunity Deal?

By Tim Brown May 18, 2017

Trump said that he would drain the swamp and much to the surprise of his detractors, he appears committed to his campaign pledges. Comey’s unceremonious but well-deserved firing was a warning shot across the bow, and it appears that former National Security Advisor to Obama, Susan Rice, has heard the shot loud and clear.

For the record, let’s be very clear here. Regardless what nonsense the Democrats or the mainstream media will be spouting in the coming days ahead (and there will be plenty of it), make no mistake, it will all be pure B.S., and it will all be in an attempt to distract Americans from what is easily going to be the largest scandal in our nation’s history….......Ever since the scandal has come to light, Rice has tried to avoid the glare of the interrogator’s light.   For instance, she refused to testify before the Senate during their investigation into the Russian hacking conspiracy, via CNN.   On other counts, Rice has attempted to clear her own name by giving supposedly candid interviews to “serious” journalists.

In each interview, the fact that Rice is a compulsive liar ....Now, with Comey gone, the investigation into Rice and her cronies looks likely to continue. One of the major reasons why Rice is seeking immunity now is because, without Comey, the FBI no longer serves the interests of the Democratic Party.....To Read More....

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