Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pam Geller's Atlas Shrugs

UK: Muslim family of 12 leave to join Jihad in Syria - Islamic apologists and western elites blame “charismatic recruiters” who are “brainwashing” Muslims. Let me ask you something, could any leader convince you to behead, rape, enslave and slaughter?....

Netanyahu Says BDS is Reminiscent of the Nazis…. As Edith Everett Supports Deal With Iran & The New Israel Fund Continues Boycotts - A major wacko left-wing extremist donor to The New Israel Fund is Edith Everett. Not surprisingly, she also rants and raves about how great a deal America got with Iran – a deal which across the political spectrum Israeli politicians say endangers the survival of Israel. Everett claims Obama is the best friend Israel has ever had in this op-ed in The Jewish Week – and naturally is a major funder of NIF who continues to support a boycott of Israel.

Coca-Cola Palestine CEO Urges Boycott of Israel @cocacola - Contact Coke and urge them to condemn these Nazi calls for boycott of the Jewish State. These boycotts are illegal and inhumane. Preceding Kristallnacht, the Nazis called for Germans to boycott Jewish-owned businesses. This was the direct antecedent to the BDS movement and the motives of this Muslim Jew-hater. The Coca-Cola Company, Customer service 1 (800) 438-2653 - Send an email here.

Boston Herald: Terror target Pamela Geller backs contest plans - Of course I support what this brave American is doing. He is taking a stand for the first amendment. Every American should.  “Terror target Pamela Geller backs contest plans,” By Jack Encarnacao, Boston Herald, June 15, 2015  Geller: ‘I will not submit to Sharia law’

New York Times whitewashes jihad terror-tied Boston mosque -Charles Jacobs is dismissed in this shameful New York Times puff piece about the Islamic Society of Boston as “incredibly racist and unfair.”  The article says nothing about what Jacobs has uncovered about the mosque:

British Muslim Killed Waging Jihad in Kenya - Another British Muslim waging jihad in the cause of Allah and Islamic supremacism. Why is it that we never hear of Muslims going to Africa or the Middle East to fight against the Islamic State? How did this “misunderstanding” of Islam become so widespread? And why do devout Muslim converts understand Islam in exactly this same way? It is clear the people “misunderstanding” jihad and sharia are the elites and Islamic apologists denying the theological reality.

Muslim Mom Murders Her 17-Year-old Pregnant Daughter in Turkey - The Islamic honor code trumps ….. life, love, everything human. Muslims are not the sole perpetrators of honor killings, but a recent survey showed that 91 percent of honor killings worldwide are committed by Muslims, and 84 percent of honor killings in the United States were done by Muslims. This is no surprise. A manual of Islamic law approved by Al-Azhar University, the most respected authority in Sunni Islam, stipulates that “retaliation is obligatory…against anyone who kills a human being purely intentionally and without right.” However, “not subject to retaliation” is “a father or mother (or their fathers or mothers) for killing their offspring, or offspring’s offspring.” In other words, Islamic law sets...

Muslims who plotted to behead me are loyal to ISIS - Exclusive: Pamela Geller declares, ‘Islamic terrorism is here’
Last Friday, the Justice Department issued an affidavit charging Dawud Sharif Abdul Khaliq (David Wright), 25, of Everett, Massachusetts, and Nuh Amriki aka Nuh al Andalusi (Nicholas Rovinski), of Warwick, Rhode Island, with plotting to behead me, and then changing their plans to target Boston police.  In all the coverage, the media refers to these Islamic jihadis as Wright and Rovinski. They never use their Islamic names. More scrubbing, more obfuscating.  Yet by whatever name they call then, their arrests...

‘Iran spying on Israel, Saudi Arabia with major cyberattacks’ - “The Israeli ClearSky cybersecurity company said it has discovered an ongoing wave of cyber attacks originating from Iran on targets in Israel and the Middle East. The goal is ‘espionage or other nation-state interests,’ the firm said.” Meanwhile Obama is bending over backwards to give them everything they want. How do you think the world will look in five or ten years, if Iran continues to advance toward its ultimate goals with impunity? Is the Islamic State (ISIS) the only force standing in their way now?

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