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Mohammed was a Thug

July 25, 2005 by Alan Burkhart

I recently set out to learn more about Islam. I had no agenda at the time except to broaden my knowledge on the subject. What I have learned sickened me. I had previously been accepting of the notion that Islam was a peaceful religion and that the Muslim terrorists who inflict so much pain and death around the world represented a fringe element outside of mainstream Islam. I was wrong. The Islamic deity, Allah, is a false god. While the term "Allah" does indeed carry the same meaning as "God," Mohammed's Allah is nothing more than a construct of a vile false prophet who sought to create an empire upon the rotting corpses of his enemies. Let's review some history.

In 621 A.D. Mohammed was in Mecca preaching to any who would listen that he alone was the Divine Prophet of the One God, Allah. Meccans eventually grew tired of his ranting and demanded that he cease and desist. With a tiny band of followers, Mohammed sneaked out of Mecca in the dead of night and traveled to the Jewish city of Medina. He and his followers were sick, tired, and hungry and the Jews there took them in and nursed them to good health……To Read More……

Editor’s Note: In the comments section the author responded to an article posted on another blog in which he had this to say:……

“most people, even most Muslims, do not realize that Islam is a political ideology, and not a religion, and are fooled by the use of religious jargon terms such as prophet, peace, paradise, the path of God, holy book, God's Law, etc. Mohammed, except for a few details, was no different than Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, Hitler, and other evil conquerors.”

“What are the few details? As I explained in a
previous article Mohammed was "a pedophile, a narcissist, a mass murderer, an assassin, a looter, a lecher, a madman, a torturer, a terrorist, a cult-leader, a misogynist, a rapist, a genocidal maniac, a tyrant who had slaves, tortured people, robbed caravans, cheated on his wives, ordered political assassinations, and demanded death of those who left his so-called religion." Why are so many people fooled? First consider that the majority of Muslims (and the rest of the world) do not understand Arabic and so cannot read the passages which instruct Muslims to rape, pillage, kill, subjugate and convert infidels and are thus completely unaware that Islam is not a religion. However, there is a name for those who do understand Arabic and take their Qu`ran seriously: terrorists. “

“And what of Muslims who understand Arabic, who understand that the Qu`ran is an unholy book of terror, who do not agree with its contents, but yet remain Muslim? Well, that's understandable - most likely they're afraid to convert to a real religion for fear of being killed for apostasy. The rest of the Muslim world is deluded. Had Mohammed not garbed his evil ways with religious jargon, he certainly would be viewed today as one of the world's most evil and savage of men. One day the world will wake up.”

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