Friday, June 19, 2015

If Michelle's Not Paid She Should Go on Strike. We'll All Be Better Off!

CLASS ACT: Laura Bush Responds to Michelle Obama’s Complaints About NotBeing Paid (WATCH) Back on the campaign trail, in 2012, First Lady Michelle Obama complained numerous times about not being paid as First Lady:

At a campaign stop in Colorado on Wednesday, President Barack Obama attempted to win over women voters by complaining about how First Lady Michelle Obama did not receive a salary for her First Lady duties. “I want to make sure that when she’s working she’s getting paid the same as men,” Obama said. “I gotta say that First Ladies right now don’t [get paid], even though that’s a tough job!”

Wow, such an attitude! Taxpayer funded vacations around the world, shopping sprees, private jets. But Michelle wants a salary, too!

If you don’t miss the Bush White House enough, just compare those comments to former First Lady Laura Bush. She sat down for a lengthy interview with C-Span, and they released a sneak preview of that conversation. Watch (above) as she handles the question with grace and charm — Laura reminds us that there are plenty of perks as First Lady, such as a private chef. Clearly, it was a position she was honored to have. We all miss having a First Lady who loved America.  This appeared here.....

 Editor’s Note: Well, since she’s so dissatisfied with not being paid to be First Lady maybe she should stay home, go shopping, watch the children, get a job or do nothing if she likes.  The fact of the matter is the less she does as First Lady the better off everyone will be. 

Michelle Obama UK visit: “When Ilook at young British Muslim women, I see myself”   -  In so many ways your story is my story.”In saying this, Michelle Obama is implying that both she and the Muslim girls she is addressing face oppression, discrimination, and disadvantage. She is, in other words, advancing the false Muslims-as-victims narrative that Islamic advocacy groups such as Hamas-CAIR work so hard to cultivate in the U.S…..Michelle Obama also said: “Maybe you see the news and see people talking about your religion, and wonder if anyone will ever see beyond your headscarf.”….But who is infringing on that right? No one. And who is not seeing beyond the headscarf? Michelle Obama meant “Islamophobes,” but the real people these girls have to fear regarding their headscarves are the Muslim men who will kill them if they don’t wear it…..Tell us, Mrs. Obama, about your oppression and disadvantage from the highest and most powerful office in the free-est country in the world. Tell us how wronged you were in between your multiple daily wardrobe changes of the most expensive designer clothes in the world. Tell us how awful it was for you to get accepted and attend Princeton University (along with your brother) in your youth and make your own choices to live your life any way you wanted to.

 Vicious hypocrite.....see more.....

Here's another example of the abuses Michelle has to endure.  Ciao! Michelle, Sasha and Malia touch down in Milan for a meeting with the Italian Prime Minister on the next step of European tour And you can tell from the pictures just how terrible her "job" really is, forced to smile while being greeted warmly.  At the expense of the American taxpayers.  Please remember....this isn't a vacation.....this is work! 

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