Friday, June 12, 2015

Pam Geller's Atlas Shrugs

Editor’s Note:  As you go through these links please keep in mind the point made in the article about Afghan Sikhs.  “Afghanistan’s once-thriving Sikh community is dwindling fast as many choose to leave the country of their birth to escape what they say is growing intolerance and discrimination.” As Afghanistan becomes more fanatically Islamic, it becomes more intolerant and hateful. This is no accident: Muslims are in conflict with kuffar everywhere the two live in proximity. The UN ignores Islamic intolerance and hatred, and instead wrings its hands about “islamophobia.”  The outrage over civil rights by the left is truly selective.  If it fits the leftist narrative it’s an outrage.  If reality doesn’t their narrative they ignore reality and report events in away to support the narrative they want promoted.  And the media is a compliant partner in this mendacity.  They must be insane!

 Full text: The Pamela Geller interview Mediaite Wouldn’t Run - This is one for the books. I am used to egregious media malpractice, but this hits a new low. Michael J. Turk of Mediaite did an interview with me — here is the exchange below. What follows is what Mediaite actually ran. They redacted 90% of it. They are worse than Pravda in its heyday……The Jews have always suffered from……Ayn Rand said, in any compromise between good and evil, evil profits. And we see that today. So you pick your fights.….Islam is not a race.…..quislings [and]compromisers within our ranks. Their opposition does not faze me. I know I stand with the proud Jews whom their cowardly spiritual ancestors opposed as well. Leftwing Jews worship at the church of human secularism. Their politics are their religion. Jewish history is rife with traitors like…… Dathan and his golden calf. We have plenty of Dathans demanding we worship some golden calf......

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