Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Is it possible the term free trade is an oxymoron

By Rich Kozlovich

Thanks to one of my regular readers, Maury Siskel, I have questions that needs to be answered.
  • If free trade is free why do governments need to create a treaties or agreements?
  • If trade is actually to be free why is it politicians who aren't involved in business and have little or no practical experience in business are negotiating these agreements?
  • If trade is actually free then why can't the parties actually doing the trading make any agreements that are workable for their needs, just as you would with the local grocer?
  • If free trade is actually free then why are there conditions and restrictions in these "free" trade agreements?
  • Is it possible that politicians who claim they’re all in favor of "free" trade are actually misleading the public and believe in controlled trade that benefit favored parties?
  • If this was done by private firms wouldn’t that be considered and illegal effort to control the market and prices?
  • Some have claim these trade agreements are a sell out of American soveriegnty by the nation's leaders.  If that's so isn't there a name for that?  Isn't that called treason? 
Just a thought!

"we don’t pass laws anymore. We pass frameworks for the fourth branch of government to create the law."

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