Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Op-ed writer counters false anti-GMO claims by professor

We wish we could say that an advanced academic degree leads one to respect scientific truth, but it ain’t necessarily so. In a hard-hitting opinion piece in the Chicago Tribune, Ms. Erin Gallagher counters every point made by an anti-GMO professor (St. Xavier University assistant professor Tatiana C. Tatum Parker) in an earlier commentary. The Trib describes Ms. Gallagher as “a freelance reporter for the Daily Southtown and a work-from-home mom with a small garden business. She is an active member of the Will County Farm Bureau and is on a volunteer advisory committee for the Illinois Farm Bureau.”

Ms. Gallagher counters many claims made by the professor — for example that both sides of the GMO debate “have sound arguments supported by data.” In truth, as Gallagher points out, there are many independent studies at universities worldwide that found that GMO foods and crops are safe and as nutritious as their non-GMO counterparts. In contrast, she asserts, “there is no reputable, peer-reviewed research opposing GM foods.” Yes!......Read more.

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