Friday, March 1, 2013

Do You Have a Healthcare Plan B?

Written by Will Block - Friday, 01 March 2013

It is imperative that you tend to your Plan B program, whether you decide to stay in Dodge (the US) or not!   One significant part of your preparation should be to put together a medicine cabinet, because when the Unaffordable Healthcare Act fully kicks in, it may not be possible to secure critical prescription items such as antibiotics, even with a prescription. Yet it is possible to acquire antibiotics and other items today without a prescription.

Furthermore, as has already been the case in Canada for some years under socialized medicine, certain surgical procedures may be unavailable because of your lack of "social utility," especially depending on your age. Or wait lines may be so long that your prognosis changes from problematic to critical during the intervening time.

Also, new medical modalities may not be available here in the United States. This is why, as part of your Plan B, you need to know about medical tourism, through which it will be possible to access new alternatives, and to do so far less expensively than in the U.S.   A healtcare storm is about to descend upon us.  How do you prepare for it? To Read More…

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