Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Listen to me on NPR's Faith Middleton Show: Is Science Broken?

Michael D. Shaw
About a month ago, I was on NPR's popular Faith Middleton Show. What initially promoted interest was a piece I did some years ago debunking the radon hysteria.
The producers decided that a more compelling topic would be the reliability of Science, and what factors might be distorting it.
Joining me in the discussion, which rapidly turned into a debate, was Ira Flatow of Science Friday--a big cheerleader, it would seem, for the current miserable status quo of science.
Although Ira had his share of misguided and uninformed remarks, one especially puzzled me. A good deal of the show was taken up with the radon meme. At some point he asks me why I keep mentioning the (incorrect and fully discredited) linear no threshold model.
Considering that the entire low-level radiation scare, including radon, is based on NLT, this would be a bit like having a show on antibiotics, and asking me why I keep talking about bacteria.
Is Science Broken? I think it is, but why not listen, and judge for yourself.

This appeared here on Shaw's Eco-Logic. 

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