Thursday, March 21, 2013

Top newsman: 'Most of media bullsh-- you'

Behind-the-scenes broadcast dirt now revealed
........During an interview about his book on CNN Tuesday, Chafets said of Ailes:  “He’s certainly a Republican, he’s certainly a conservative, and that’s reflected in Fox News.”“I did a quiz with him … to measure conservatism versus liberalism,” Chafets continued. “It turns out he is more conservative than the network, and he agreed that is probably true.”  In the book, Chafets pressed Ailes to discuss what he would do as president if he were hypothetically elected.
 “The country doesn’t need more laws and regulation, it needs less,” Ailes said, noting he’d reduce federal entitlements and dump Obamacare.
“Under President Ailes, taxes would fall and budgets would be slashed,” Chafets wrote, and “unions, which Ailes considers job killers, would not have a friend in the White House. Neither would what he calls ‘extreme environmentalists.’”
“I want clean water and clean air and conservation, but that’s not what extreme environmentalists are all about. For them, it is a religion. They believe in trees and animals, not God,” Ailes told Chafets....Ailes also notes in the book that Vice President Joe Biden is as “dumb as an ashtray,” President Obama is “lazy” and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is a “pr–k.”.......To Read More......

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