Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chief scientist warns climate change will bring extremes in weather

Posted on 25 March 2013 by Priyanka Shrestha
The UK Government’s chief scientist has warned time delays in the climate system means that greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere now will determine the weather the world experiences for the next 25 years.  Sir John Beddington said climate change is one of the things he has been trying to bring to the Government’s attention but believes it is not talked about enough. He also noted the climate and weather we’re experiencing now comes from greenhouse gases that were in the atmosphere 25 years ago.  He said the international community’s failure to agree binding targets for cutting carbon emissions meant problems were being stored up for the future…….[However] Director Benny Peiser said: “No one knows whether next winter will be warm or cold or average, no one knows whether next summer will be hot or wet or dry. It’s very, very difficult to make long-term predictions and therefore, I remain rather sceptical about the reliability and accuracy of these kind of speculation. They are pure speculation, they are not based on any hard facts, it’s an assumption.”......“We need Governments to spend more money on real solutions and not foolish policies like wind farms that have no effect on the climate whatsoever. They are a waste of money and are not helping anyone other than the landowners making millions out of the subsidies. The real policy that has an effect and that will help people is to realise that whoever is right on CO2, there will always be flooding, there will always be drought and we need to prepare for these events and make our societies more resilient.” To Read More….

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