Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Why Are Conservatives in Such a Bad Mood

My Take - Interesting commentary, but I wonder how he defines "right wing radical". Also, in any movement who're the ones who actually move the yard markers? Historically it's been the most "radical", meaning those most committed to a point of view or a moral princople, in the group and it's the "moderates"  who follow. 

The moderates then take over and start making concessions because they're the "grown-ups" in the group and never really get the job done because they're not committed enough to take the heat - as the "grown-up" governor of Florida recently demonstrated. 

  Eventually these issues have to be readdressed by the most committed of the group - "the radicals" to fix it down the road. Of course - that's if you can define "radical" by committment to a standard.    Let's try and get this once and for all.....leftism has diluted commitment to any concept of right and wrong, causeing people to embrace all the shades of gray. That way they're still acceptable. But to whom are they trying to be acceptable? The very people they claim to be against! We've lost our minds! 

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