Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Obama, you are there, nicht wahr?

By Sol W. Sanders

President Barack Obama at a press conference opposes Chancellor Angela Merkel’s suggestion of  creating “safe zones” for fleeing refugees in Syria. “As a practical matter,” such a step couldn’t be done without using the military to “take over a big chunk” of Syria, he said. Herrenhausen Palace, Hannover, April 24, 2016.(Reuters video) Angela Merkel, Germany’s long-lived Chancellor, is noted for her Teutonic precision in public statements. So one cannot ignore her remarks after meeting Pres. Barack Obama on his present loop around the Europe. Over and over, she repeated the importance of the U.S. participation in Alliance strategies. The meaning might have been charged off to the ordinary polemics, except that the tone had a new quality. Merkel seemed to be ending each such assertion with an unspoken “that’s right, isn’t it?”

The German chancellor perhaps was hoping against hope that Obama assertion of American withdrawal from old leadership commitments to postwar Europe wasn’t true. If so, she was not only disappointed. For in an unusual public display of disagreement over policy, the two outlined their basic disagreement over Syria with its inundation of migrants and refugees for Europe.

Merkel, increasingly exposed to bitter opposition after continuing difficulties getting the rest of Europe to bear its share of the burden, is facing a crisis over the inflow. More than a million migrants invaded Germany last year, not only Syrians but other Mideasteners and Africans anxious to taste the fruits of the European welfare state....... All of this to say that Obama’s planned retreat from what he saw as overextended American commitments to leadership abroad is leaving no end of doubts and chaos in its wake.  

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My Take - Those American commitments are going to dry up and go away no matter who becomes President, and then all these arrogant European leftist elites who self-righteously wagged their fingers at the U.S. will be on their own.  Let's get over any ideas that Europe can be saved.  The EU is doomed, Europe is doomed even if they get some backbone and throw these Muslim invaders out.  Currently the leftist leaders are insane multiculturalists - which can only be described as a death wish cult.

Tomorrow Europe will choose new leftist leaders who will be monoculturalists - but they have a strong nationalist streak on the order of Hitler, Mussolini and Franco.  None of that will come into being without a massive amount of civil unrest and bloodshed.  That will destroy Europe's economy.  They will never recover without massive support from the U.S., and that won't be coming because the U.S. is coming to an end of the Bretton Woods era.  I will discuss this in a future article - but the welfare checks we've been writing  period to Europe is just about over.  It's my belief by 2020 or at the latest 2025 the world will be plunged into an economic abyss that will change everything - and not for the better.  Look for the world to turn to the UN for the answers, for relief and for economic and military support. Then things will really be a mess.  The most corrupt and incompetent organization the world has ever known in charge - imagine that!

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