Friday, April 29, 2016

A Leading Jihadist is Dead

By J. Millard Burr

The Gama'a takes its direction in accordance with the predecessors [salaf], and is united under a single intellectual banner which aims to isolate the submission of people to their Lord to the exclusion of others, and to establish an Islamic viceregency (khilafah) in accordance with the prophetic guidance, and to seek the pleasure of Allah, the Lord of the worlds. -- Refai Ahmed Taha, Egyptian al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya

On 6 April a drone strike in the area of Idlib, Syria, killed Egyptian Rifa'i Ahmed Taha, a predominant member of the mujahideen. The killing of Taha (AKA Refa'I Ahmed Taha Musa, Ahmad Refa'I Taha, Abu Yasser al-Masri, Issam Ali Muhammad Abdallah, etc.), ended the career of a jihadist who for more than a quarter-century was considered by Western intelligence agencies to be one of the world's most dangerous terrorists. Fifteen years after it had caught Taha for the first time, "US intelligence managed to hunt him down again." .....To Read More

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