Monday, April 25, 2016

The Madness Continues: Insanity and Immigrant Hit List

Pro-ISIS United Cyber Caliphate posts 3,600 purported NY residents’ names, addresses: “We Want Them Dead - Yesterday I reported that an ISIS suspect revealed plans to open up a route from Syria to U.S. through Mexico. And that a Boston Muslim who plotted to behead me ‘tried to organize beheadings of non-believers from behind bars’ while awaiting terror charges. And that a well known ISIS operatives had instructed American Muslims to kill me. And in June 2015, an ISIS jihadist tweeted out my address and called for Muslims to kill me.  I don’t know at this point if I am on this new list or not, but I think it is likely. Many people, including many New Yorkers, have said before and would say now that I asked for this and brought it on myself, by “provoking” Muslims with my Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest. . Well, if I am on this list, the other 3,599 New Yorkers who are also on it never drew Muhammad. How did they “provoke” Muslims? Simply by virtue of being non-Muslim.......
WATCH: Muslim Therapist Gives Advice on Wife Beating - Another lesson from a respected Muslim therapist on the proper way to beat your wife in Islam.

U.S. soldier helps foil jihad plot to blow up school in Denmark - This U.S. Army captain should be invited to White House and celebrated as a hero. Instead, Obama will almost certainly ignore him — after all, he has to make time to meet with the likes of Clockmed.

Muslim Migrant Kicks Wife in Head by for Wanting to Learn Swedish - Yes, they integrate into Western society so well.  Of course, no big media is covering this story. Here’s the thing, Muslims are the only immigrant group that comes to Western countries with a ready-made model of society and government (sharia) which they believe to be superior to what we have here, and they work to institute it.

At least 5,000 jihadists entered Syria from Turkey, including Chinese Uighurs - Erdogan is enabling the jihad, while Merkel is kowtowing to Erdogan and prosecuting Germans who criticize him.

Germany Arrests Politician for Citing Anti-Erdogan Poem #Merkelistan - You can’t mock Muhammad. You can’t mock Islam. You can’t mock prominent Muslims. You can’t draw cartoons. To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize. Voltaire
It is ALL so utterly absurd, but not so much as the non-believers who submit and adhere to this oppression and supremacism. Chancellor Merkel has gone over to the dark side. #Merkelistan
This is the islamization of Germany. Criminalization of free speech. It evokes a very scary, dark period in German history.....

Pope Dropped Christian Refugees, Takes ONLY MUSLIMS To Vatican Instead - Christians are being annihilated — wiped from the face of the earth in Syria. Christians are becoming extinct everywhere in the Middle East except Israel. The Pope has abandoned his people.
The Pope imports the oppressors, not the victims — his own people.......Spokesman Massimiliano Signifredi called the incident ‘regrettable’ – adding: ‘The problem here is the three Syrians arrived after the March 20 deadline. They arrived just after the agreement between the European Union and Turkey. Mr Signifredi said: ‘Our staff went to Lesbos and spoke with the people who...

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