Monday, April 25, 2016

Frontiers of 'white privilege': good grammar is now ‘racist’

By Thomas Lifson

There is open racism being spouted around the world, a good chunk of it out the lips of leftists who conceive of themselves as social justice warriors, progressive champions of the oppressed, or other such blather. To them, black people (or any other designated group they are trying to “help”) are simply incapable of meeting the same standards as whites (or Asians, who are usually accorded by the left the same status that Apartheid-era South Africa accorded them when visiting from overseas trade partners: honorary whites).

Consider Mona Chalabi, an editor of the iconic leftwing British newspaper, The Guardian, who believes that having good grammar and correcting others is racist, an expression of “white privilege.”  The notion that nonwhites cannot command good grammar is racist to the core.  And the idea that grammar rules are simply optional based on race is a recipe for imprecise communication, aka misunderstanding.

That an editor should voice these opinions is astonishing. I suppose we can look forward to the Guardian sliding even further into incoherence.

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My Take - I'm not at all surprised an editor working at the Guardian spouted this kind of left wing fallaciously logical clabber.   The fact some word usages aren't exactly correct isn't really the issue.....and I doubt if anyone would have corrected anyone over the usages she uses as examples.....but she used these examples because they aren't egregious examples of proper grammar, implying any correction is equally petty. That's what makes her commentary a logical fallacy - it's a bit of misdirection to avoid where these Moonbats are really going.  What this kind of blather leads to is a continuing downward plunge in education, the ability to think properly, and an excuse for non-whites doing poorly in school, including blacks and Muslim immigrants.  So instead of insisting they improve - leftists demand everyone else get dumb.   It also leads to a disintegration of having a homogeneous society. In America it's called Ebonics. I don't know what it's called in England, but the end result is the same and thinking is just as fuzzy, and just as deadly to society. But that's all of what I would expect from the all the Moonbats at the Guardian.

And insisting on good grammar isn't wrong dumb dumb.  See - I started this sentence with the word And.....and I don't care because that's just the normal progression of language. 

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