Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Florida Governor Rick Scott Capitulates to Left-Wing Special Interests

Rachel Alexander

Last month, I wrote about some important legislation in Florida that would modernize that state's harsh alimony and child custody laws. Florida is lagging behind many states which have updated these laws to reflect the fact that most women now work outside of the home and that children need both parents to thrive, regardless of whether their parents are living together or apart...... The lobbying against the bill was led by the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar Association and radical feminist groups such as the National Organization for Women.....

The minutes from meetings revealed the sleazy ways the Bar lobbied the governor. Underhanded tactics included telling attorneys at the meetings to send the governor emails from their personal accounts, so he would not know they were attorneys. “The game plan is to flood the governor with emails and phone calls and letters … the best will be non-lawyers reaching out to him. We could also send emails from our personal email addresses.”.....Here’s the root of the problem: more than half of the state Bars in the country, including Florida’s, get easy money because attorneys are required to join them as a condition of being able to practice law. In this respect, they are like mandatory unions. Incredibly, this is true even in staunch right-to-work states like Arizona and North Dakota......

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