Thursday, April 28, 2016

Is it not remarkable?

From Maury and Dog

On one side of the contest, there is Trump. Who do we have on the other side?

Well it would seem that Cruz is the nominal leader on the other side. But we have been given the spectacle (or is it better called a circus?) of Cruz and Rubio. That didn't work and Trump still emerged ahead with the voters.

Then we have Cruz teaming up with Kasich to beat Trump. That did not work either and Trump continued to prevail. Now we have Cruz naming his proposed running mate as Vice President, Fiorina, if he can win the nomination as the Republican candidate for the Presidency; and now we have a return of Rubio coming back to say he will support Cruz if Cruz wins the nomination . . . wonder who Rubio will support if Cruz doesn't win the nomination . . .

Traditionally, presidential candidates pick their vice president running mate when they win the nomination at the national convention. By all appearances, Cruz has become a tad desperate; Cruz is latching onto anybody in a trial and error sequence who might help him block delegates who are voting for Trump. Cruz is not even trying to win anymore; Cruz is engaged in an attempt to prevent the nomination of Trump, not in a direct attempt to win the nomination for himself.

Oh well. . . In the fullness of time, we shall see how this all concludes. Will the FBI file a bill of particulars against Hillary with the Dept. of Justice? Will Hillary be indicted? Will Trump be assassinated? Will Rubio, Fiorina, and Kasich pool their efforts for Cruz to beat Trump? Will Rubio and Kasich drop out of the race?

Stay tuned . . .

My Take - As a side note - If nominated - who does anyone think will be Trump's pick as VP?  What happens if Trump is nominated, elected and then assassinated?  This is an important point.  Paul Bagala said - and I heard him say it at a conference I attended - Clinton deliberately chose Al Gore, even though he was, like Cliinton, considered a Southern Democrat, because he wanted someone like him as VP in case he died in office.  

I"ve pretty much given up predicting what will happen, since I'm at a loss to even explain it.   All of this Trump/Bernie scenario is an visceral emotional reaction at both sides.  Their support of either Trump or Bernie is based on strong emotions, not from sound logic or reason, not from rational, explainable intellectual  insights, but, from crude elemental emotions.  And from what I've heard - neither side who support either Trump or Bernie are all that knowledgable.  Uninformed, unintelligent, unresponsive to logic and clearly uncaring about the facts these two loons - well let's made it four loons and include Hillary and Kasich - are forces for mass destruction.

I don't think I've ever in my life seen a potential Presidential candidate who was so roundly despised as Trump, and so popular with his followers.  He and Bernie Sanders have been perpetual candidates - actually joke candidates - because neither one ever expected to do more than get a little publicity .  I know for a fact Trump can't believe this is happening and I have no doubt Bernie is equally shocked.   Trump is now, and has always been, stunningly unlikable and yet - he's running away with the nomination up to this point.  And even if he doesn't get the total number needed to lock in the nomination before the  July 18–21 Republican Convention in Cleveland.....this whole thing is spooky!  It's also clear - we've lost our minds!

Oh, one more thing.  I will not be doing any work in downtown Cleveland from July 14th to July 23.  This convention will be great for Cleveland, but a real pain for us who live and work in and around Cleveland.  I also think it's important we start profiling right now.  This convention will be - in my opinion -  a prime target for terrorists. 

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