Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vo-Tech Spreads, AL Gov Will Sign Surprise Voucher Bill, and Attacking Unions from Inside: Today's National Ed News Roundup

Joy Pullmann March 4, 2013
Alabama's governor says he will sign a surprise tax-credit scholarship bill because kids attending failing schools are more important than lobbyists.
2. Florida lawmakers join those in North Carolina, Indiana, and Texas in considering stronger vocational-tech programs in high school.
3. Three Michigan teachers are challenging a union's end-run around the state's new right to work law, saying they don't want to pay union dues for the next decade.
4. Learn more about not just school choice, but course choice, where kids can mix and match their class schedules among schools, from a pioneering Florida lawmaker.
5. Public schools employ more staff than teachers in Minnesota and 20 other states.
6. An Alaska senate panel considers vouchers.
7. Idaho's senate unanimously passes a bill to have school districts conduct teacher contract negotiations in public.
8. New Mexico lawmakers finally get around to confirmation hearings for acting Education Secretary Hannah Skandera.
10. Can bad schools be good for neighborhoods?

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