Thursday, September 27, 2012

Whole Foods knowingly engages in massive GMO deception, says undercover video by 'Organic Spies'

A shocking new hidden camera video filmed at Whole Food stores is blowing the lid on what's being called a massive "bait and switch" deception.  Whole Foods employees are caught blatantly LYING about the GMOs sold by Whole Foods, a company whose products are 20% - 30% GMO, says the video.  Here's the stunning news and a link to the undercover "hidden camera" video:  To Read More…..

My Take: I have long suspected that these "all natural" and "organic" farmers and distributors have been playing fast and loose with reality.  I also believe the same situation exists within the pest control industry, where many unendingly toot the "green" pest control tune.  Yet those companies that produced these so-called "green" pest control products don't seem to be able to stay in business.  Why?  If everyone is "going green" shouldn't they be thriving?  The reality of green is coming home to roost.  Green energy, green cars, green buildings, green agriculture, green pest control......I even get "going green" printed on my bills.  Going green - Going insane! 

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