Saturday, September 22, 2012

Teacher Unions Celebrate Another Victory For The “Greater” Good

While teacher unions are succeeding in bankrupting Chicago, the teacher unions of Wisconsin are trying to bankrupt the entire state in the name of getting what they “deserve.”  All in one week, the Chicago teacher unions halted the education of 350,000 students by striking for increased compensation, the right to not be evaluated via student standardized tests, and control over teacher-hiring for Chicago’s failing school system. In Wisconsin a teachers union convinced a Circuit Judge to overturn a portion of Governor Scott Walker’s collective bargaining reform law, also known as his “Budget Repair Bill.”  As reported by the Associated Press, Circuit Judge Juan Colas reasoned in his ruling that sections of the law,”…single out and encumber the rights of those employees who choose union membership and representation solely because of that association and therefore infringe upon the rights of free speech and association guaranteed by both the Wisconsin and United States Constitutions.” To Read More….


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