Wednesday, September 26, 2012

EPA Hails Rachel Carson: 'How One Person Can Make a Difference'

By Elizabeth Harrington
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) used its annual “pollution prevention” week to praise the late environmentalist Rachel Carson, whose book “Silent Spring” served as the impetus for banning DDT, a pesticide that virtually eradicated malaria in Europe.  To Read More….
Editor’s Note:  I recommend reading the comments in this article, which is somewhat flattering to Carson....mores the pity.  Those of us who have been pointing out for many years that Rachel Carson became the driving force for the modern environmental movement have also pointed out that she did so with lies, speculation and imagination, but little science; forever earning her the epithet she so richly deserves; The Mother of Junk Science.   
For fifty years that group represented a correctly informed small circle.  As the years went by that circle became larger, but even twenty years ago it still wasn't that large.  Today..... the internet has changed all of that, and the comments reflect it.  That circle is expanding exponentially because people know. 
Now they know!

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