Thursday, September 27, 2012

Raw milk victory: Farmer found innocent in raw milk trial

By Jonathan Benson
A Minnesota farmer who has been repeatedly targeted by his state's agriculture department for facilitating the transport and delivery of raw milk to private cooperative members has been ruled innocent of the ridiculous charges filed against him in Hennepin County. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that Alvin Schlangen has been found not guilty of three misdemeanor charges filed against him, which include selling unpasteurized milk, operating without a food license, and handling adulterated or mis-branded food.  Private food cooperatives are not businesses.  To Read More…..
My Take:  While I disagree with this whole nonsense about that people should be allowed to choose ‘raw milk’ because it is so much healthier than pasteurized milk, and therefore an absolute imperative to good health; I do agree that when people join such groups as these food cooperatives it isn’t the same as conducting ordinary business.  In short….they become a club of choice, although courts have destroyed the sanctity of private clubs for many reasons in the past, including forced racial integration and forced gender integration.  So why is this different?   

Having said all of  that, this is no victory for the “all natural” crowd as they may think.  There is a reason pasteurization became mandatory; raw milk has the potential to be deadly!  There is so much information showing how many people have been sickened and died as a result of consuming raw milk products that there is no rational excuse for promoting raw milk.  Especially since the alleged health benefits are unproven and unprovable.   Furthermore, as this gains traction there will be even more people suffer.   That is no victory for humanity. 

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