Saturday, September 29, 2012

Al Gore bails from green-energy investment

But climate-change prophet's company still touts profits of 'alternative' market
If you are thinking about green energy for your portfolio, Al Gore has a few words of advice: “Don’t do it.”
“Of course he does not say that in public,” says Bill Gunderson, president of Gunderson Capital Management. “Gore’s company still talks about how alternative energy is a good investment. How companies are adopting it, governments are subsidizing it and people are using it.”  “I don’t blame Gore for getting out of alternative energy,” Gunderson said, “even if he did it too late in the case of First Solar.  “But when is he going to tell people that alternative energy is a lousy investment?”……One of Generation Investment’s larger clients is the New York public employees pension fund. It has received $30 million in fees since 2009, said the New York Post. Gore also invests for the California teachers public employee union pension fund. Neither Gore, Generation Investment or the New York public employees pension fund would discuss the details of their purchases.
“Everyone in alternative energy knows their goose is cooked because subsidies are going down, and so is the price of oil and natural gas if we are allowed to drill for it here,” Gunderson said. ‘”But if you want to have energy in your portfolio, there are plenty of American stocks producing traditional energy that are doing just fine."  To Read the Entire Article.......

Editor's Note:  I hadn't intended posting today, but the combination of this article exposing some of the financial schemes by the High Priest of the Church of the Warming Globe, Al Gore, and the next post showing how alternative energy is going down the tubes was just too good to wait until tomorrow.  I would like to point out that the two reasons for adopting all these stupid greenie ideas (Ideas they protested once it looked as if they actually might be implemented) was the world was running out of "fossil" fuels and we were turning the world into a destructive hothouse.  Both were false twenty years ago and now we know beyond a shadow of a doubt these claims are false.  We also know the perpetrators of all of this were corrupt liars.  That is the beauty of truth.  It will very patiently wait on us.  Oh, one more point.  Since historically the left and the greenies almost have a monopoly on being wrong....wouldn't you think someone would notice that and act accordingly?  It really is true.  Ideology makes smart people dumb.  RK 

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