Sunday, May 13, 2018

What if Fox News reported the whole truth?

Exclusive: Larry Klayman is thankful for FNC but claims it could do much better

By Larry Klayman WND May 11, 2018
One of the big reasons I have written a weekly column for WND since my days as the founder, chairman and general counsel of Judicial Watch and now at Freedom Watch, which I also conceived of and founded, is that I had come to realize that many in the conservative, media such as Fox News, were not sufficiently educating the masses about the ever-growing cancerous corruption in America, caused primarily by the downright sleazy establishments infesting the political and legal systems.

Indeed, just recently I decided to have Freedom Watch publish a compilation of my columns here and at, where I also have a blog entitled "Klayman's Court." This four-volume work, which primarily comprises my WND columns, I appropriately named "Essays of a Mad Man" and can be ordered on Freedom Watch's website.   Continue Reading.....

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