Sunday, May 13, 2018

Propaganda Networks

John Stossel May 12, 2018

Martin once worked for RT, Russia's state-run news network. Now she's got a similar gig at teleSUR, an anti-capitalist, pro-socialist news network funded by Latin American leftists.  I'd never heard of teleSUR before researching this week's YouTube video. But teleSUR matters because its videos get millions of views. Latin America stays poor because people believe socialist propaganda.

One teleSUR video lists countries where "capitalism failed": Canada, Mexico, England, Peru, Panama, Switzerland, the United States...Another says that "Trump is killing our brains with Nazi-era chemicals."   Few viewers know that teleSUR is funded by the tyrants who control Cuba and Venezuela.   Venezuela, once rich, has been bankrupted by its socialist rulers. More than a million Venezuelans have fled to neighboring Colombia and Brazil................To Read More....


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