Sunday, May 13, 2018

Explaining Why Liberals Are So Desperate To Find Things to Be Offended About

John Hawkins May 12, 2018

Saying that liberals are weird and touchy is like noting that the sun is hot and water is wet. Granted, some of that is pure politics. For example, the big story of the week is that Donald Trump convinced North Korea to free three hostages. Surely liberals must be happy about that, right?


Here are some of the mainstream media headlines about that diplomatic triumph.
  • NBC News: Prisoner release event highlights the best and worst of Trump
  • Associated Press: Trump's high-risk doctrine? Swing for the bleacher seats
  • Politico: Trump thanks Kim Jong Un as he welcomes home detainees from North Korea
  • CNN: Why Donald Trump talked about 'ratings' standing next to 3 recently freed prisoners?
Are these ridiculous headlines given the situation? Absolutely, but politics is politics. All these media organizations are in the tank for the Democrats and they don’t want to see Trump do well. So, their bias may make you roll your eyes, but it’s understandable.......To Read More....

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